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Hai Van Pass is one of world's most scenic drives

12:34 | 09/05/2015

DA NANG (VNS) — The Hai Van Pass has just named as one of the top 10 "great scenic drives around the world… that you've probably never heard of" by British newspaper .

The website describes the pass as a 13-mile road running alongside the Annamese mountains on the edge of the sea.

"Travellers can hire motorbikes or cars to ride the pass as part of a one-day loop. At the top you're rewarded with stunning views."

The road is described as a deserted ribbon of perfection and one of the best coastal roads in the world.

The other scenic routes include road to the Isles in Scotland, Carretera de Sa Calobra in Spain, Irohazaka Roads in Japan, and the Old Strynefjell Mountain Road in Norway. — VNS


Vietnamese national park among top 10 new popular destinations

12:26 | 09/05/2015

QUANG BINH (VNS) — American online news aggregator and blog Huffington Post has ranked Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park among 10 places you wouldn't have travelled to 10 years ago but are popular today with visitors.

"Of all the exciting developments that have occurred in the last decade, the new travel landscape is definitely high on the list. Certain countries have opened up to tourism, some cities have become safer for visitors and a handful of new nations have even been born," the website said.

"Son Doong Cave in Viet Nam is the biggest cave in the world. The cave is situated in Central Viet Nam‘s Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, and before the cave's first exploration in 2009, the national park wasn't exactly a tourist attraction.

"All that has and will continue to change rapidly with the exploration of not only Son Doong, but other massive caves around the national park. The enormous underground caves are practically otherworldly in their size and shape, to say nothing of the bizarre structures, the rivers and, in the case of Son Doong, the forests that dwell inside them.

"Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park will only see more travellers as these caves become more accessible, so get there fast!"

Others on the list are Cuba, Myanmar, Montenegro, Sri Lanka, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Downtown Los Angeles, Iran, and Brooklyn in New York. — VNS