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About Us

Good Morning Vietnam!!! Xin Chao Everyone!. Today I have both the honor and privileged oppurtunity to introduce myself and my travel website to everyone. I‘d like to share a little bit about my business. I’ve been in the travel industry since 2000 after my graduation from a travel industry college. I’ve also had many great oppurtunities to share my real travel experiences of Indochina countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia with the motto”Get the guides, See delights

I was born in a small village named Gocong, a little township of Mekong Delta, in the southern part of Vietnam. It’s the biggest rice bowl in the country where I grew up. My family owned many paddy rice fields and every single day after school I would take care of our water buffalos. Luckily, in 1990, Vietnam opened its door to the World economy market and also tried to promote the travel industry which is why foreign tourists now have the chance to visit real Vietnam after our civil war. The first idea for travelling the fields started in 1993 when some “Westerners ” rode motorbike scooters to my village. They stopped on the road side to check the map for how to get to Tan Thanh beach (an estuary of Mekong river). It was so weird because we’ve never seen foreigners here before so they started to gain all the famers’ and villagers attention. People approached them to help but no one could manage to help them out due to the language barrier. I volunteered to assist them with my broken English which I had learned at my secondary school and I’m not sure if they understood me but when they listened they all said Yes, Yes,…. then they made a move in the right direction. Many villagers praised me and said Wow… on my language skills.

Not long after that, a new question popped up in my mind. “Why not study more English and perhaps become a guide?” that’s why I came to Saigon city to my professional Tourism’s college to satisfy a dream and my passion for travel.

Being in this travel industry for the past 16 years I’ve been able to work for some local and International travel agencies. Such as Huong Giang Travel, Dragon Travel, Asian venture Travel, Asianway travel, A.V travel ( Vietnam – America) based in California (10 years as a tour leader in indochina countries) and be a Co-founder of water-buffalotours. I’ve now set up this website to introduce all travellers into my insight of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Thailand where I ‘ve ever been working for many years. I believe that no one can understand his country and his village more than a local guide: And if someone wants to learn and see numerous new things on tour trips, you ahve found your professional and experienced tour guide in me! An experienced tour guide plays a very significant role in making the trip tailored and unique to the customer – successful, enjoyable and memorable…….. If you’re travelling to S.E Asia and looking for a high quality guide for the trip of lifetime then look no further than me!

The Mekong Authentic Day Trip’s Story:

They keep asking me to take them to visit my hometown of Gocong due to their curiousity to know about my childhood and to experience the real Vietnam countryside. It was my honour and privledge to introduce them to my family. We would make scooter trips through many rice paddy fields, visit some of my relatives and have the oppurtunity to chat with many local friendly farmers to learn and understand more about our culture and argiculture. We went to Tan Thanh beach for a fresh seafood lunch and to also enjoy the beautiful sea breeze.

We then keep moving down the mighty Mekong river ( The mother of all water) for a boat trip and transfer back to Saigon. They all love the day trip so much and suggested to me to start a new unique day trip offer containing what they had seen in the day. They told me “ Hien, these were the best and most unique experiences we have ever had”

That’s why Authentic Mekong Day Trip is listed as offering the unique experiences of the Mekong delta: The Amazon of Vietnam. For those who are on a tight travel schedule and want a real glimpse of Vietnam behind the surface with an attentative, insightful and truly awesome tour guide…

Authentic Mekong Day trip will provide all you need…….

Daily Private Authentic Trip To Mekong Delta – Place off beanten track of GoCong, my rural village

Customized and Tailor made tours – Private tours on client’s interests

Understanding exactly your travel’s need to offer a right travel solution with top quality tour services

Competitive prices for all services on the trip as you deal directly with your guides ( not the third party ) in order to save your money – NO Hidden Fees

Always updated and go Place off- beaten track & unique schedules to bring travellers to an inside culture and to experience real Vietnam & Indochina countries

Help travellers avoid tourist’s trap & offer real local culture and their life’s style

Find the authentic cuisine & Taste local exotic food in each destinations

Flexibility/ Profesionalism / Sense of humour/ Fluent english speaking skills/ Job’s enthusiasm / Warm personality / Honesty/ Frienliness and customer’s service understanding

Now If you’d like to book Priavate day tours, package Tours, request tailor-made-tours to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, all your request will be reply within 24 hours

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