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Local food in Mekong river delta – You should try.

1. Banh Xeo:  Crispy Pancake

Bánh xèo is not only the famous Vietnamese Pancake but also originally comes from the Southwest region of Vietnam. It is a yellow crispy pancake stuffed with shrimp, pork and bean sprouts. The crispiness comes from the rice flour mixes with coconut liquid ingredient and the yellow comes from the turmeric powder….. frying with bean sprouts, Taro slices, (or sweet Potato’s).. belly pork, silver shrimps, spring onion….You can eat Banh Xeo with various herbs and large lettuce which keep balancing between the fatty and freshness and dip into the sweet, sour, hot fish sauce makes. Literally, you will find all the taste of agricultural products from Mekong land.

2. Ca Loc Nuong: Grilled Snaked head fish

You can do BBQ fresh water fishes in Mekong river delta. However, The most popular dish is coming from Ca Loc or Snake head fish…they live in wet rice fields, river, canals, ponds, swamps…Grilled Fish is one of the most delicious foods with a wide variety of fresh fishes and taste crunch from Mekong river that you must try. The grilled fish is sure to impress on your tabe, bursting with the taste from garlic, chili, pepper, salt spreaded in fish skin. Then, having with rice noodles, some kinds of vegetables of cucumber, green banana, herbs and starfruit followed by special tamarind sauce with lot of hot peppers. It is on a promise that you will love them because of so much flavor and tastes…

3. Bun Mam – Fermented noodles soup:

This is one of the most famous noodle soup during in Mekong river delta where we have so many fishes and we can’t keep them fresh and consume everyday. The best way is to ferment them in fishtanks then we can eat them slowly. Bun Mam is little salty that the fish’s meat is coming from and salt together…. We cook their broth with belly pork, eggplants, okra, and lots of fresh vegetables… Solely a bowl of noodle soup consists of rice vermicelli topped with several chunks of crispy pork, slices of squid, a juicy prawn, raw vegetables, white thick noodles and herbs, and covers in the pungent Mekong Fish Mắm to serve the customers. And the true way to have a taste of Mekong in a specialist bowl. You’ll find yourself finishing the whole dish on your own and make your thump up as well… Just be careful… the broth’s smell is super strong. of course you can try this local delicacy if you dare or give them a miss as we  still have so many more to try in Mekong river delta..

4. Hu Tieu Mytho – Mytho noodles soup

Hu tiu My Tho is considered to be one of the cuisine symbols of the Mekong river with influence from Cambodia, Chinese recipe and mix with Vietnamese taste. It is a fine example of all good things come in a bowl to serve the customers. This noodle soup is a very popular street food and boat food in Mytho city – Then Giang Province of the Southof Vietnam. In others words, Hu tiu is very rich and tasty cooked with pork bones and dressed up slices of pork, dried squids, fresh and dried shrimps, quail eggs and veggies.  Other than that, if you are looking for something lighter during Hu tiu My Tho will be your good choice.

5. Ca Tai Huong Chien Xu – Deep Fried Elephant Earfish

You couldn’t miss this one if you tried. Elephant Ear Fish is a classic Mekong delicacy, and is served liberally to travellers passing through the Delta. The whole fish is fried to perfection and served upright, (This traditional taboo stays with Mekong delta people ever since as they live on their boat, their floating house, their life , their spirit…they do not want their boat’ to be capsized) just like you do not allow to flip the fish on the table….so the succulent flesh can be easily raked off and rolled with pickles, cucumber and herbs in rice paper. Simple Mekong cooking at its best.

6. Canh Chua: Mekong delta sour soup

The term canh chua cá encompasses various fish-based Vietnamese soups that are characterized by their combination of sweet, spicy, and sour flavors. The soups are usually made with a tamarind-based broth, and they typically include chunks of pineapple, tomatoes, okra, bean sprouts, or other vegetables.

Most varieties are prepared with catfish, but some versions include carp, snakehead fish, eels, or salmon. These soups are usually topped with cilantro and served with rice on the side.

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