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Ca Mau Province

Ca Mau is the southernmost province of Vietnam, featuring the beauty of gardens and rivers that are typical of Mekong river delta – Travelling to Ca Mau, you will have the opportunity to creep in the canals of the mangrove forest, or enjoy the fresh air of U Minh Ha forest with vast green melaleuca forests, creating the wild and pristine charm. In addition, Ca Mau is the only place on the shore of Vietnam where you can watch the sun rise over the East Sea and set in the West Sea.

To can get here by airplanes or traveling on National High 1 to this Southernmost point of Vietnam.

The period from May to November every year is when it rains a lot in Ca Mau, so it is difficult to travel by waterway. In contrast to the rainy weather, the period from December to April, the climate is quite dry and hot, and the canals are shallow. this is the ideal time to travel to Ca Mau.

Pleces to visit:

Mui Ca Mau – Camau Cape

Anyone traveling to Ca Mau wants to visit the southernmost location of Viet Nam, Mui Ca Mau. This is a place in Mui Ne village, Dat Mui commune, Ca Mau province. It has the 0 milestone with the shape of a ship rushing to the sea. Standing at the tip of Ca Mau, you can admire the sunrise and sunset.

U Minh Forest:

U Minh National Forest, located adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, is one of the rare forests with the most diverse flora in Vietnam. The topography of U Minh forest is divided into two different regions, including U Minh Thuong and U Minh Ha. There are 250 kinds of plants and many types of precious birds here. At U Minh Forest, you will experience many interesting activities, discover a variety of flora and precious birds. Let’s go here to watch the vast melaleuca forest with its sweet fragrance and listen to many interesting stories told by local people.

CaMau Bird Watching

Ca Mau Bird Park is also a famous ecotourism site in Ca Mau, located about 45 km southeast of Ca Mau city center. This place has a lot of rare birds such as storks, egrets, … Visiting Ca Mau bird garden, you will be immersed in nature, enjoy the fresh air and see many rare birds.

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